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Links List

  1. This list itemizes all a elements with defined href attribute.
  2. Selecting an item in the list, by clicking on the item or by using the arrow keys, highlights the corresponding link in the browser.
  3.   Selecting an item with cream background, by clicking on the item or by using the arrow keys, displays todo statement in the Accessibility Information area.
  4. Columns
    • Order - The sequence in which the items appear on the page is displayed.
    • Link Text - The text enclosed by a tag is displayed.
      Note: If the content of a element is an image or in case of area element for image maps, the alt attribute or the title attribute of the img or area element is displayed; if the neither is available, for image links, this entry is left blank, and for image maps, the message (No alt or title) is displayed.
    • Link Title (hidden) - The title attribute of each a element is displayed; if the title attribute is not available, this entry is left blank.
    • Type - The type of each item is determined according to the href attribute and displayed: Web (http://), Web (Secure) (https://), File (file://), E-mail (mailto:), Map Web (image maps), or Link if none of the above applies.
    • HREF - The href attribute of each element is displayed.
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