Scripting: List of ARIA Widget Relationships

Widget Relationships

  1. This list itemizes ARIA state attributes that links two ARIA widgets. To be listed, both elements in the relationship should be ARIA widgets, i.e. have defined role attribute, and one element should have one of the ARIA state attributes that define a relationship. See Relationship column description for the list of appropriate state attributes.
  2.     Selecting an item with colored background, by clicking on the item or by using the arrow keys, displays related accessibility statement in the Accessibility Information.
  3. Columns
    • From - The id attribute of the widget that has the relationship state attribute is displayed.
    • Relationship - The name of the ARIA state attribute that defines the relationship is displayed. Possible values include:
      • controls if aria-controls,
      • controlledby if aria-controlledby,
      • describedby if aria-describedby,
      • labelledby if aria-labelledby,
      • hasparent if aria-hasparent,
      • haschild if aria-haschild.
    • To - The content of the Relationship attribute of the From widget is displayed, unless it is null (""), in which case the message   none is displayed.
    • Bidirectional - Whether the relationship is bidirectional is indicated. The value is:
      • yes if the Relationship attribute is one of controls, controlledby, hasparent, and haschild, and the To widget of the item has the pairing Relationship attribute (aria-controls and aria-controlledby, aria-hasparent and aria-haschild) set to the From widget,
      • no if the above is not satisfied, or if the Relationship attribute is the other two -- describedby or labelledby,
      • or the message   error.

Accessibility Information

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