Scripting: List of ARIA Widget State Changes


Order and Timing of Changes

  1. This list logs user input events of the user's choice that occur since this log has been launched. Only events that ARIA Widgets receive are listed.
  2. Columns
    • Order - The sequence in which the events occured is displayed.
    • Time (hidden) - The timestamp of the event is displayed. Refer to W3C's definition of timestamp of an event for more information.
    • Widget (hidden) - The id attribute of the ARIA widget that received the event is displayed.
    • State
    • Event (hidden) - The event that occured is displayed. The event displayed here is one of the events selected in Select Events to be Logged.
    • Target - The id attribute of the element to which the event is dispatched is displayed, unless it is empty, in which case this entry is left blank.
    • Description - The description of the event is displayed in the following format: [WidgetID] received [event] for [Target]. For keypress, keyup, and keydown events, the description includes keyCode and charCode as in the following format: [WidgetID] received [event] (keyCode=#, charCode=#) for (Target).

Select Events to be Logged

  1. The user can select events that the user wants the Accessibility Extension to log.
  2. Checkboxes options: click, keypress, focus, blur, keyup, keydown, mouseup, mousedown, mouseover, mouseout, mousemove