Text Equivalents: List of Objects

Dialog Box

Objects List (Top List)

  1. This list itemizes all object, applet and embed elements on the page.
  2. Selecting an item in the list, by clicking on the item or by using the arrow keys, highlights the corresponding object in the browser, and populates Attributes List and Text Content.
  3.   Selecting an item with pink background, by clicking on the item or by using the arrow keys, displays warning or failure statement in the Accessibility Information area.
  4. Columns
    • Order (hidden) - The sequence in which the items appear on the page is displayed.
    • Type - object for object elements, applet for applet elements, and embed for embed elements is displayed.
    • Text - The title attribute, the alt attribute, or the text content of the item is displayed. If none of them are defined, the message   (none) is displayed.

Attributes List (Bottom List)

  1. This is populated when an item in Objects List is selected.
  2. If the selected item does not have any defined attribute, this display will be empty.
  3. Columns
    • Attribute - The names of the attributes defined for the selected object are displayed.
    • Value - The value of each attribute is displayed.

Text Content

Accessibility Information